Max 22 – 73 m²

Starting from: 156,970

At home, Max 22 we used an L-shaped body which gives the building an extraordinary character. The interior is comfortable and functional. You can arrange your own interior.

Floor area: 73 m²

Total house area: 85 m²


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Floor area: 73 m²

House dimensions: 10.7 x 8.8 m


  • The house offers the possibility of raising the angle of the roof and adapting the attic.
  • It also provides the option of using a gable roof.

The house includes:

  • Installations: C.O. heaters (without a C.O. oven), electric, and plumbing.
  • Window and Door Joinery: Exterior doors, white, six-chamber windows with a penetration coefficient U = 0.7.
  • Facades: Plastered walls with a 10cm polystyrene layer.
  • Roofing: Steel tile roofing, wooden soffit, gutters, external window sills, and a gas heating chimney.
  • Possibility: The house allows for any arrangement of internal walls.

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