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We build our houses all year round

Modern prefabricated houses are built from ready-made, factory-made components. All prefabricated elements: finished walls with internal and external insulation, ceilings and roof trusses, are built in the factory, in conditions independent of the weather.

Just few days on-site work

Most of the construction work are done in factory, so around two weeks after foundation are made, we need from 3 to 7 days to assemble the house.
On that stage you will have a house with external door, windows, finished roof, walls with internal and external insulation and acrylic plaster (or other finish depend on requirements) and internal walls.
Electrical installation will be pre-wired, with fusebox, and cables laid out, ready to connect sockets and switches.
Water piper also ready to connect all water and heating equipment.

External wall

Houses are built with prefabricated wall and floor elements in a timber-frame system. KVH timber scantlings are chamber-dried and then impregnated.
The thermal insulation coefficient of the external walls is U=0.14 W/m2K (in comparison, a 50 cm thick ceramic hollow block wall – U=0.34), ensuring a significant reduction in the cost of heating the interior of the house.

External wall section


Internal, partition wall

Total wall thickness = 10.5 cm

Timber structure made of KVH wood, 60 x 80, 4-sided planed finish with chamfered edges.

Rockwool mineral wool 50 mm.

Fermacell 12.5 mm board on both sides.


Timber structure made of KVH wood, 60 x 80, 4-sided planed finish with chamfered edges.

Rockwool mineral wool 200 mm.

Fermacell 10 mm.


Roof slope inclination - 30° / 40°Metal sheet / concrete slate. Timber battens, impregnated 40/40 mm. Timber counter-battens, impregnated 60/30 mm. Roof membrane. Timber trusses, KVH timber rafters, 60×160.

Wood chamber-dried, four-sided planed

Timber truss trusses supported on exterior wall cap beams. Covering is sheet metal on battens and counter-battens. Fermacell ceiling panels mounted to the bottom chords of the trusses. Moisture and thermal insulation laid at the level of the lower chord.Roof covering - steel sheet tiles on battens and counter-battens.Roof structure - truss, truss spacing - 90cm.Timber - coniferous species, grade C 24, KVH.The roof structure is supported on load-bearing walls by wooden plate girders.
Included in the price of the house.

Foundations thermoplate

Unlike the usual foundation slabs, the thermoplate is superior to them in terms of workmanship, thermal performance and accuracy, which results in houses founded on it achieving the highest energy efficiency class.

Fundation slab


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