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The transition to green and clean energy is no longer just a trend, but first and foremost a rational calculation and the resulting real savings. Nowadays we surround ourselves with an increasing number of various electrical devices, which obviously increase energy consumption. With energy prices rising on a regular basis, it's a perfectly natural idea to seek access to other sources of energy, especially green energy from renewable sources.

Solar Panels


PV Half-Cut

375 Wp


PV Max Color

Basic colours: grey, ceramic, green, can be made in any colour


Meeting the trend of electromobility: parking shelters adapted to the needs of electric cars, plug-in hybrids, and any kind of electric mobility such as scooters, bicycles or electric scooters.

Carport, photovoltaic roofing of parking spaces, is a functional and aesthetic solution designed for city parking lots, car and bicycle shelters, parking spaces for scooters and electric scooters. It is a product that can be adapted to roofing projects for single parking spaces as well as multi-parking spaces. The use of solar energy to power a car or other electrical devices in the building will save on electricity costs, without harming the natural environment.

The roof structure is made in leakproofness option (Sun Energy, Prestige), protecting cars against sunlight and precipitation.

The combination of modules with the No-Frost function eliminates the need to remove snow from the roof, protects against the possibility of the formation of icicles posing a threat to people and the risk of damaging the vehicle, as well as enables the production of electricity in the winter months (in periods when standard photovoltaic solutions lose their efficiency due to lying snow).


An intelligent house, equipped with modern management systems, deserves a smart, ecological source of electricity.

Photovoltaic terrace shelter is a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. In addition to protection against weather conditions, such as solar radiation, rain or snow, the shelter integrated with the solar modules generates green energy that is environmentally friendly and allows you to reduce household electricity bills. The photovoltaic pergola is a great alternative for people who, due to aesthetic reasons or the limited space, don't want to install a ground photovoltaic installation.

Photovoltaic modules installed in the roof cover generate power from 4.08 kW to 6.67 kW (depending on the selected cells). In accordance with building standards, the modules are snow-resistant and can be additionally equipped with a self-snowing function (NoFrost). The possibility of adjusting the degree of translucency of the modules and optional LED lighting will allow for full personalization of the terrace shelter. The whole is mounted on a solid, foundation aluminum structure, with the possibility of choosing a color according to the RAL palette. The modern design is an attractive complement to the terrace design of a detached single-family house or terraced houses.

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