We'll build your house in few weeks!

Check out one of our designs, or we will build a house to your design.

Find the house that's right for you.

    We'll build your house in three weeks!

    Modular houses offered by Therma House are constructed from ready, factory-made elements.
    The highest quality houses within a few weeks in any weather conditions, since all the elements of the house are prefabricated in the factory, and it is only a matter of putting them all together on the building site.

    Excellent Investment

    Energy efficient and Eco friendly

    Our high energy efficient technology will save you a lot of money in the future. You will never again have to think about your huge gas bills in the winter. In your new, energy-saving house, you will always feel warm and comfortable. Your new modular home will need up to 3 times less energy than standard houses. Modern insulation and heat recovery systems of your new home will reduce the energy demand and your heating costs to very low levels.

    So enjoy your cosy house for less

    We'll assist you at every stage.

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    To make sure you get the top quality home we hire the best architects and engineers.

    Our designers have prepared a range of houses plans, so you could choose the house you want. We can also work to your own original plan.

    It is YOU who make choices.

    We offer our support in dealing with the banks and other financial institutions to facilitate the finance process for your new home.

    We want to make sure that getting a new house will be a great excitement for all your family.

    All the elements of the house walls as well as the ceiling and roof truss are made at the factory with the highest care on a specialist assembly line. Pre-plumbed and pre-wired elements come to the site with the windows.

    When your new house arrive to the building site we simply need to put all the parts together so all the site is nice and tidy throughout the process.

    After a few days, your house is ready to proceed with the finishing works.

    Simple and tidy job.


    Competitive, affordable prices

    Solid construction

    Highest quality

    Excellent finish

    Professional services

    Delivered on site

    Highly energy efficient

    Water, damp and fire resistant

    EU Standards Certified


    Already in Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland and Britain.