Home in 1 second.

Home in 1 second.

Renewable material for modern home wall construction – wood.

The houses we build have a timber frame.

Forests in the European Union cover around 159 million hectares.
Approximately 2/3 of the mass of trees that grows is logged annually – so the mass of trees in Europe is increasing.

The area of forest in the EU increased by almost 10 % in 1990-2020; with the largest relative increase in Ireland (by 69 %) and largest absolute increase in Spain (by 4.7 million ha).  (https://ec.europa.eu/)

In a year, more than 500,000,000 m³ of trees are logged in the European Union. This gives:

  • 1,369,860 m³ per day
  • 57,077 m³ per hour
  • 951 m³ per minute
  • 16 m³ per second – which is more than enough for the entire frame of a single-family house.

In the same time in Ireland, approximately 2,738,000 m³ are cut in Ireland:

  • 7,500 m³ per day
  • 312 m³ per hour
  • 5.2 m³ per minute – so from the timber harvested in Ireland, we will have the material to build a house in less than 3 minutes.

Timber and forests are increasing in number, in addition to growing they accumulate CO².

Also in the wood of each of our houses 12 – 19 tonnes of CO² are stored.


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