Soffio wall heating panels

How it works

We encourage you to watch the video and see how our panels work. Discover all the advantages of the heating system.

Soffio wall heating panels are a modern source of thermal radiation, and they work similarly to the sun’s rays falling on the skin. On a frosty day on a mountain slope, although thermometers indicate a temperature below zero, the sun gives a pleasant sensation of warmth. The same phenomenon occurs in the case of our heating system. It allows to reduce the air temperature in the room, which reduces the demand on thermal power throughout the year.

We are sure of your satisfaction because our innovative solution has been tested in every respect.

Discover Soffio panels

Technical data materials used connection of the system


Panel dimensions: 2040 x 600 x 12.5 mm
(standard dimensions of the plasterboard 2000 mm + 40 mm the height of the collector)
Diameter of a connector: 12 mm


Panel with a heat power of up to 200 W – it is sufficient to heat an area of 3 m2.


Soffio heating panels are compatible with every heat source:

  • low-temperature systems (heating pumps, solar modules, electric furnaces, gas furnaces)
  • high-temperature systems – solid fuel boilers (coal, wood, ecological fuel)

Construction and functions of individual elements of the module

    transfers heat from a water circuit to a substance locked in the plate’s system
    the heat absorbed from the collector, using the phenomenon of phase transition, is transferred to the entire surface of the plate. The back of the plate is additionally insulated with a radiant screen, consisting of three layers: paper, aluminum foil, paper:

a – paper, 

b – aluminum foil,

c – paper

Soffio wall heating panels system is an innovative solution in heating technology for all newly constructed and modernized buildings, both residential and commercial.

It is a perfect solution in traditional and modern construction, both for brick and skeletal houses, and also appropriate for buildings being renovated or modernized.

Panels can be installed at every stage of finishing or renovation works:

  • on load-bearing walls
  • partition walls
  • on sloped surfaces of attics

Benefits for your house!

  • Health for your family

    Soffio heating system is safe for all users as well as for the natural environment.

    Lack of air convection eliminates floating of dust, mite and allergens, and the air in interiors heated with Soffio panels maintains optimum humidity, therefore it is not necessary to use humidifiers throughout the entire heating season. The heat coming from walls completely eliminates moisture and mould spots generated on frozen walls of apartments heated with traditional radiators. The applied technology does not pose a risk of water leakage and does not cause the occurrence of an adverse electro-magnetic field. Soffio wall heating panels allow to reduce the air temperature by a few degrees, at the same time maintaining high thermal comfort, which has a significant impact on the health of all household members.

  • Unlimited possibilities

    Soffio heating system gives unlimited possibilities both during the design of interiors and during construction and renovation works.

    The possibility of unlimited arrangement of interiors allows to align furniture in any position, performance of dry construction in any place and the use of every technique for finishing walls (painting, wallpapering, decorative plasters, etc.). The use of Soffio heating provides complete freedom in the selection of floor coverings (carpets, panels, parquets, floorings, floors made of epoxy or polyurethane resin). Our system is not limited by the method of assembly of panels. We can lay them on load-bearing walls, partition walls as well as on sloped surfaces of attics, both on support frame structures and directly on the walls. Soffio heating panels are also possible to assemble at every stage of finishing works, both after screeds and prior to their execution. We offer the unlimited possibility of assembly in newly constructed, modernized buildings as well as in rooms being renovated. Soffio system is used in every type of residential interiors as well as commercial buildings.

  • Everyday comfort

    Failure-free and safe Soffio heating system ensures benefits for your family every day.

    Now you can spend money saved on heating for pleasures. Lack of air convection minimizes permanent accumulation of dust on the floor and furniture, which reduces the frequency of cleaning, so you can spend your free time on yourself and your family. Rugs, carpets or wooden floors will allow your children unlimited playing on the floor, which toddlers love so much.

  • Savings

    Economic heat management

    Soffio heating system means time and costs savings at the stage of assembly and economic heat management during operation. For connection of a system, simple and cheap valves as well as standard reinforced PVC pipes are used. Thanks to standard dimensions of the plate where heating elements are installed, the system completely minimizes construction waste. Assembly does not require special authorizations, nor specialized equipment or expensive transport. The outer surface of the panel is made of a ready to finish plasterboard, which eliminates the stage of plastering and allows to finish walls in any manner (painting, decorative plasters, wallpapers). The system is based on utilization of properties of thermal radiation, therefore it allows to reduce the air temperature by a few degrees in each room while maintaining thermal comfort, which reduces the demand for heating power even by 24% per year. Minimum amount of water supplied to the collector translates into lower consumption of energy by another 15%.
    Heat power demand 1 panel per 2 m²
    of surface area
    1 panel per 5 m³
    of cubic volume 1 panel per 3 m²
    of surface area
    1 panel per 7,5 m³
    of cubic volume Flow Temperature Heat power Flow Temperature Heat power Energy efficient building(20-30 W/m²; 8-12 W/m³) 38-45℃ 60-90W 45-55℃ 90-135W Thermally insulated building(40 W/m²; 16 W/m³) 55℃ 135W 65℃ 180W Other buildings(50 W/m²; 20 W/m³) 60℃ 160W 75℃ 230W

Assembly in few simple steps

Soffio wall heating panels do not require specialized assembly or expensive transport.

We can install panels at every stage of finishing or renovation works on load-bearing walls, partition walls as well as on sloping surfaces of the attic.

We hide collectors in a screed or we place them at floor level, covering with baseboards.

All works associated with assembly are limited only to a few simple steps and you can perform them on your own, according to the instructions below.

Assembly of Soffio wall heating panels does not differ from the systemic assembly of plasterboards.

In this case, we can use techniques of installation on a steel or wooden grid or glue directly to the wall using a gypsum adhesive.

While mounting panels, we connect connectors of collectors in series through clamp with the use of reinforced plastic Ø16mm pipes, creating a separate water circuit loop of central heating system for each room.