Wetwood Massive Gres 2.0

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A gentle wind swaying through the treetops, low tides moving the buoys, the rustling of unfurled sails, a soaked quay soothing the feet during a hot day – a typical summer day by the lake. Do you want your holiday memories to come back to you every day? Check out the unique collection of the Wetwood terrace tiles (size – 29.5 x 119.5 cm) that will introduce into your private space an original mixture of effects (soaked wood, various discolourations) and colours (available variants – beige, brown). Thanks to its 2 cm thickness, high resistance to weather conditions and anti-slip properties, the series are ideal for garden and terrace applications. The universal nature and easy installation of the Wetwood tiles allow you to create unusual compositions using natural stone, concrete, gravel or sand.



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