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Bart radiator

The Bart radiator is the most universal offer of Terma artists for lovers of this product group. The simplicity of the form and the relatively small depth of the ribs compared to other cast iron products make this model ideally suited to any interior size.. Both spacious apartments and small apartments in blocks of flats and tenement houses will gain an original and functional element of equipment.
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Each rib of the Bart radiator is cast using a specially prepared mold and then manually processed, which gives it unique features. Later in the process, the ribs are finished in the chosen way and then twisted. The end result is a real work of applied art.
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The Bart radiator is an excellent alternative to old-style cast iron radiators, which we remember from large-panel apartments from the socialist realism period. Similar dimensions and identical spacing of connections allow for easy replacement without making changes to the installation. Bart is only 70mm deep, which means that it also fits perfectly under narrow window sills.
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Terma’s customers can choose from a wide range of special colors and decorative finishes, there is also a palette of 192 RAL colors. If we care about the effect of aging, it is worth choosing a patinated radiator, e.g.. Burnish, which will perfectly complement classic and rustic interiors, as well as modern loft spaces. Full paint coatings ensuring 100% coverage, such as Flat Black or Graff, will allow you to achieve the recently desired matt effect.
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Bart is a radiator dedicated to all those who value original and timeless solutions. Its strength lies in the material from which it was made. Cast iron is resistant to both corrosion and changing fashion. By choosing the Bart model, you can be sure of its longevity in every aspect.


8 years


  • The simplicity of the form and small depth
  • High corrosion resistance
  • A great alternative to panel heaters

  • Vent
  • Fixing slings (hooks) – only hanging version
  • belts for carrying the heater
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Heaters c. o. standard connectionsLP
  • Technical data
  • Available sizes


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