Alex One

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Alex One radiator

Classic Alex enriched with a built-in One heater. The bent C tube and the space between the radiator sections make it easier to dry towels. The One heater hidden in the collector does not change the perception of the shape, and at the same time allows you to use the heater outside the heating season. The timer enables the heater to be automatically turned off after two hours. The One heater is very economical, the standby power consumption is & lt. 0,5W.
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8 years

Concealed controls at the bottom of the unit keep the lowest radiator tubes cold at all times.

  • Additional functionality resulting from the possibility of the built-in One heater
  • 250 colors to choose from and chrome
  • Easy drying of fabrics
  • The functional Yo! Hanger fits the radiator.

  • A set of fasteners
  • Vent
  • saleAlex One radiator is available in TERMA OUTLET sale
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Heaters c. o. standard connectionsS1S8
Heaters c. o. optional connections51-B58-BL8-BP1-B
Electric heatersE8E1
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