Modular Building Technology

Wall thickness = 30 cm

  1. Gypsum fiber board FERMACELL 12.5 mm
  2. Vapour barrier
  3. KVH wood C24 KVH 60 x 160
  4. Mineral wool – Rockwoll 3×50 mm
  5. FERMACELL board 12.5 mm
  6. Two glass windows with 6 chambers – Aluplast Ideal 4000 NEW
  7. 10 cm of Styrofoam
  8. Roughcast K 1,5

Looking for something very special?

Heat transfer coefficient of external walls with 50 mm of Styrofoam is U = 0.18 W/m2K.

This considerably reduces the heating cost of the house.

The inner wall:

The total wall thickness of 10.5 cm

  1. FERMACELL board 12.5 mm
  2. KVH wood C24, 60 x 80
  3. Mineral wool – Rockwoll 60 mm
  4. 12.5 mm FERMACELL board

Looking for something very special?​

Excellent Investment / Energy saving and Eco friendly

Our high energy efficient technology will save you a lot of money in the future. You will never again have to think about your huge gas bills in the winter. In your new, energy-saving house you will always feel warm and comfortable. Your new modular home will need up to 3 times less energy than standard houses. Modern insulation and heat recovery systems of your new home will reduce the energy demand and your heating costs to very low levels.

So enjoy your cosy house for less