Dust in our apartments and houses is a mixture of everything that we bring in or what is brought by the air ‒ from smog to particles of our skin or pets.
Research has shown that there are about 9,000 different microorganisms in the dust, 7,000 of which are bacteria, the rest are various fungal and mould spores,
and viruses. The most dangerous bacteria found in the dust are Staphylococcus aureus as well as Group A and B Streptococcus

Where do bacteria come from in our homes?

1. Bacteria multiply very quickly.
In favourable conditions, they can divide even every 30 minutes!
2. They settle on heat sources, e.g. furnaces or radiators.


How does the Antimicrobial Technology work?

Introduced during the manufacturing process, our antimicrobial additives exert, by either chemical or mechanical means, a negative effect on any contaminating microbes causing them to die.
Products protected by the antimicrobial technology will negatively affect bacteria that contaminate the surface

Looking for Something Specific?

9 out of 10 consumers are now searching for products containing a proven and trusted antimicrobial technology

That’s why, the G500F radiator
with silver ions has been coated with a special Interpon AM coating (AkzoNobel) with BioCote® technology.

Why BioCote®?

1. BioCote® is the market leading antimicrobial technology supplier.
2. BioCote® has become synonymous with improved hygiene and antimicrobial performance you can rely on.
3. BioCote® is the only antimicrobial solutions provider in the world to be HACCP approved.

BioCote® Antibacterial Technology

1. Proven effective against all common microbes including bacteria, mould and fungi

2. Proven to reduce bacteria/microbes on products by up to 99.5% after two hours or 99.99% after 24 hours

3. Minimises the potential for cross contamination
Makes a product more hygienic and safer to use

Permanent protection

Cleaning the surface prevents microorganisms from growing, however, in the intervals between the cleaning cycles, bacteria grow freely.
Silver ions operate continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ‒ they cannot be washed away or damaged.

Intended for:

  1. Homes
  2. Schools, kindergartens, nurseries
  3. Sanatoriums, nursing homes
  4. Public spaces
  5. Clinics and medical centres
  6. Hotels

Natural catalyst

  1. Continuous circulation – a natural catalyst for air purification.
  2. General improvement of hygienic conditions through minimising cross contamination.

Radiator G500F (10-element set)

  1. Has a Hygienic Certificate and
    a Declaration of Conformity
  2. Warranty: 20 years
  3. Operating pressure: 20 bar
  4. Element dimensions: 573 mm (height) x 90 mm (depth)
  5. Total width: 804 mm
  6. Element weight: 1.3 kg
  7. Element thermal output: 112 W(for ΔΤ = 50°C)
  8. Lateral connection

Radiator G500F/D (10-element set)

  1. Has a Hygienic Certificate and
    a Declaration of Conformity
  2. Warranty: 20 years
  3. Operating pressure: 20 bar
  4. Element dimensions: 573 mm (height) x 90 mm (depth)
  5. Total width: 865 mm
  6. Element weight: 1.3 kg
  7. Element thermal output: 110W(for ΔΤ = 50°C)
  8. Bottom connection

Heating efficiency

  • The value of thermal output for the average temperature difference at the level of 50°C is up to 90% higher than for popular steel panel radiators having the same mass.
  • Quick heating-up – they heat up even up to several times faster than steel and cast-iron models of similar thermal output and over a dozen times faster than underfloor heating.
  • Special shapes of air outlets: the heated air is aimed directly at the centre of the room, and not upwards, thus not bouncing off the windowsill.

Lower water consumption

  • Reduction of water consumption thanks to narrow channels.
  • The aluminium radiator needs three litres of water to operate, while a steel model of the same thermal output needs seven, a cast iron one – 15 litres, and underfloor heating may even require up to 50 litres. This reduces the cost of topping up the installation significantly.

Easy installation

  1. Radiators are available with lateral or bottom connections, with a standard spacing of 500, 350 and 50 mm.
  2. Universal straight or angular cross connections.
  3. Possibility of installing supply components on the right or left side of the radiator.

Anaphoresis and fluorozirconic treatment

  • Thanks to the processes of anaphoresis and fluorozirconic [acid] treatment, KFA heaters are protected against corrosion.
  • Thanks to the use of protective anti-corrosion layers already during the manufacturing process, they can be connected to copper systems without trouble.


  • Operating pressure: 20 bar
  • KFA Armatura manufactures top quality radiators that are designed to work with high operating pressures.

Quality & Warranty

  • The longest warranty on the market – 20 years
  • Quality Management System certification – ISO 9001
  • The aluminium radiators are manufactured under supervision, with adherence to a strict technological process, and are subjected to a functional inspection before being released onto the market.